Monaca new feature release. Inspector added, PhoneGap2.0 compatibility introduced, Monaca debugger improvements, Windows WebDAV support added

The development team has continued to improve Monaca to bring HTML5 mobile application development within anyone’s reach. A host of new features make the latest version of Monaca more powerful than ever.

The inspector

The new HTML5-compatible inspector allows you to view application contents
Up until now viewing HTML5 or DOM contents, local or session storage status, JavaScript variables etc in mobile terminals has been difficult and relied almost entirely on application logs

Please update to the latest version of the Monaca debugger. When you run a project from the new debugger you’ll be able to use the new inspector from within the MonacaIDE Please refer to the tutorial for more information on how to use the inspector.

PhoneGap2.0 compatibility

We’ve bought PhoneGap2.0 compatibility to Monaca. PhoneGap is a JavaScript library for calling the native capabilities of mobile devices. From now on the debugger and Monaca-developed applications can take advantage of the speed and stability of PhoneGap2.0

Monaca improvements

We’ve made several improvements to the Monaca debugger. When the project is run any JavaScript errors are displayed in the top right hand corner of the screen Even if there are several errors you can see them immediately. We’ve also completely revised the ‘page not found’ feature to make it much more intuitive

Windows WebDAV client compatibility

It’s now possible to browse to a project using Windows web folders. This means you can browse directly to any Monaca project directly from your PC using WebDAV. Not only that but you no longer need to use the Monaca IDE if you don’t want to, the Monaca project file can now be edited in your favourite editor or IDE.

Up until now this only worked with certain clients like MacOSX, with this release its now avaialble in Windows web folders.

Final thoughts

In this article I introduced some of the new power features in the latest release of Monaca.
The development team is constantly working to improve Monaca so if you have any suggestions your feedback would be very welcome
And one more thing, if you are a designer or software engineer and would like to get involved in Monaca please get in touch, we’re recruiting.