We were at GMIC at Beijing.

Hi, my name is Katsuya, Monaca product engineer.

Today, I’d like to tell you about an event our team joined in Beijing called GMIC!

* What’s GMIC

GMIC is an event for mobile devices and applications held at the China National Convention Center in Beijing.

Well, as you can imagine it was huge!

There were service booths, lots of guest speakers as well as a special session for startup ups so you can understand why we didn’t want to miss it.

From Japan there were startups such as us, as well as more established players like GREE and DeNA.

It was pretty clear to us why 9th – 11/May are the hottest days of the year for mobile information technology in China with people and companies from all over the world!!


We joined a session called G-STARTUP where startup companies present their ideas to an audience of backers and visionaries. Our team Manager Tanaka-san had just 3 minutes to try and squeeze in as much information as he could about the work we’re doing on Monaca.

Slide of this presentation is here.

Monaca presentation at Global Mobile Internet Conference 2012

View more PowerPoint from monaca_mobi
* Booth of Monaca

First of all we’d like to say a HUGE thanks to everyone who visited us on our booth, we were blown away by how popular it was.

The accident came! Pamphlet is less than people that came our booth!

Actually it proved to be a bit TOO popular because we ran out of pamphlets!

Anyway we were really pleased with the way it went and will make sure we bring more next time.

A volunteer very kindly translated between Japanese and Chinese for us which we really appreciated as did all our Chinese visitors.

We’re planning a Chinese version of Monaca soon and look forward to starting work on it.

* My impressions from GMIC

Right now everyone’s looking for pretty much the same thing from mobile computing.

Some way of creating Apps quickly and easily.

Some way of solving the fragmentation problem with mobile devices.

..and preferably some way of doing it without needing to know Cloud IDE.

I look forward to a future when everyone uses Monaca.

My report ends here.

We want to spread our message through as many events like this as we can so thanks for reading and hope see you at a Monaca booth soon!.