Next Release Of Monaca Debugger

Hello, I’m Katsuya.

Today, I’d like to tell about Monaca Debugger that I’m developing.

If you visited our seminar or event already, you know that we are developing the functions follow.
* Use file protocol
* Integrate latest PhoneGap version

These functions are very exciting in next release, so I tell about those detail.

* Use file protocol

Debugger will available to run with downloaded local project files.
Then, network connections will less than now, debugger will so quickly.
Also in no network environment, debugger can run with your project.
One more thing, debugger can solve cross domain problem with file protocol.

* Integrate latest PhoneGap version

Monaca provides build system and debugger with library called PhoneGap.
Now, we uses 0.9 base version.
In next release, we will integrates 1.7 or later to Monaca.
So we will provides more robustness monaca system.

After that version is released, we think that users could not uses native functions of PhoneGap 0.9.
We going to support this topic and prepare documentation.

* Please wait with your attetion

We need to time of bunch to develop those functions.
Please wait for we are coming soon with next debugger release!

We realized again that so many users uses Monaca through seminars and events we joined.
Thank you for your attention!