Company Trip to Silicon Valley

Hello. This is Norimitsu.

I post a blog instead of Mr.Kruy.
Mr.Kruy is a Cambodian who works as a part-time job in Asial.
He is a cool android smartphone developper.

Please enjoy his blog.

Hello Kruy here from Monaca Debugger team.

Today we have got the chance to visit the big G at Mountain View!

We are honored to be welcomed by Mr.Junji Takagi

My first impression is this bike!! Are the colors look familiar? This is Google bike.
As you may know, Google campus is big so Google bikes are deployed all over and commuter can ride it for free. Unfortunately, we preferred to walk.

There are many cafeterias in the campus so we had to choose which one to go. Since we haven’t had rice meal for several days, we went for Asian Cafeteria!! Below is my plate and if you ask what is the most delicious? It’s the chicken wing!! My overall impression is that the cafeteria promotes healthy food.

Up next is Google Store!!
This is a place you should not miss if you want to bring souvenirs back as memory or to impress your friends. You can buy anything from stationary to T-shirt. They even sell protective guards for skater! Incidentally, I am a hobby skater, and you can guess what I am going to do next…

Time to say goodbye to Google and do a time travel with Computer History Museum, which is just next to Google campus.
You will notice the R|EVOLUTION mark which explain the same pattern that have been observed throughout the computer history. Every great moment starts with Revolution, and then Evolution took it off!

We are fortunate to have a friendly guide. He was very knowledgeable about the topic and all the stories he told us was amazing that we followed him till the end and everyone gave him a big applause!

This is the memory relay unit for old computer. Using the technique of speaker and microphone, the data goes round and round inside this unit until it is being used.

And finally, we are back in time to the present. Below is the car which made possible the famous Google Street View!

This is the end of my blog and I hope you enjoyed reading it.
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