The result of 4th SFNewTech Japan Night Semifinal

Hello, everyone.

I’m Katsuya, new developer of Monaca team.
I’m gonna tell about the event called Japan Night which we joined.

SFNewTech Japan Night

Our team and others competed thereself’s web service in this event.
There’s presentation is only 5 minites and in English.

Then, our team presents Monaca, and gots good result!

The results of Japan Night Semifinal

Monaca team’s presentation is presented our leading engineers.

This is rehearsal view.
And you can see the performance at USTREAM channel.

USTREAM(Monaca team starts about 01:23:30)

We presents the future prospects and the advantage of Monaca.

The final is held in San francisco and many people comes.
San francisco is popular with Silicon Valley.
This is great that San flancisco people knows our service, isn’t it !?
We’re glad to join it!

Now, our service want to need users and feedback.
We have waited your feedback and you see us at event like this.

Please expect our service “Monaca“.